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Terms of Service Policy

The use of the SI5.PT website, and/or the purchase of any of our services or products, directly through Si5 Solutions, Lda (Si5) or through any of its brands ‘Smart Consulting‘, ‘Smart Tours & Events‘, ‘Smart Traveller‘, ‘SmartLabs‘, ‘Smart Design‘, ‘Smart Beauty & Wellness‘, ‘Crystal Wellness‘; implies that the you accept the conditions established in this Terms of Service Policy and our Privacy Policy,

Si5 Solutions, Lda. reserves the right to change without prior notice the Terms of Service Policy or Privacy Policy, and therefore, we recommend that you consult our Policies regularly so that you are always made aware of any change and kept up to date.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and conditions apply to all Tours, Experiences and activities promoted through the Si5 brand ‘Smart Tours & Events‘, or any of its selected partner companies / activity providers:

  1. Check-in must be done up to 30 minutes before the tour or experience begins, at the agreed location, counter or assigned transport vehicle.
  2. You must present your reservation proof or voucher at check-in, preferably in paper or digital format.
  3. During check-in, all group members must be present.
  4. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  5. It is forbidden to bring drinks and food on the tours, except food for children.
  6. Regardless of their duration or distance of the Tour, the consumption of drinks (exception to bottled water) and/or food inside the vehicles is not allowed.
  7. Regardless of their duration or distance of the Tour, smoking or vaping inside the vehicles is prohibited.
  8. Check-in or boarding will be denied to customers who present themselves with inappropriate or offensive clothing, under the effect of alcohol or narcotics, or demonstrating any type of behavior which may threaten, directly or not, the integrity, safety & tranquility of the driver/guide, other passengers, and the respective vehicle.
  9. With the purchase of the tour or experience, ‘Smart Tours & Events’ or its partner companies, are authorized to capture and and disseminate the photographs obtained within the scope of the event organized by them to which the ticket refers. If you do not authorize the collection and use of photographs and videos with your image, you must, for this purpose, make this express declaration during the check-in process.
  10. ‘Smart Tours & Events’ reserves the right to cancel the tour or experience, if the weather conditions are not conducive to carrying out the same. You will be given the opportunity to reschedule the tour.
  11. ‘Smart Tours & Events’ reserves the right to change Partner companies’ RRP (Recommended Retail Price). VAT included at the applicable rate.
  12. ‘Smart Tours & Events’, or its partner companies, are not responsible for the loss of personal property during the tour or experience.
  13. ‘Smart Tours & Events’, or its partner companies, are not responsible for material damage to personal property during the tour or experience, so we advise you to ensure their protection.
  14. In Experiences, activities or services where ‘Smart Tours & Events’ only acts as an intermediary sales agent, the execution and liability of such services shall be the sole responsibility of the Third party providers, and its payment of the User. Therefore, in the event of any damage and/or loss to the User and its Accompanies, resulting from the performance of the services of the Third Party providers, ‘Smart Tours & Events’ or Si5 Solutions Lda, shall not be held liable for the same, even if it has only acted as an intermediary sales agent.

Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policy

The following Reservation, Payment and Cancellation conditions apply to all Tours, Experiences and activities promoted through the Si5 brand ‘Smart Tours & Events‘. Our partner companies reserve the right to apply other conditions, as applicable.

  1. Smart Tours: A Reservation payment of 100% is required to ensure the reservation and availability of the service on the selected date. Other conditions may apply with our approved sales agents.
  2. Immersive Experiences: Depending on the policy of the partner company or structured product, either (1) a refundable advance payment in full (100%) or ticket purchase is required to ensure the reservation on the selected date; or (2) a partial advance payment is performed through ‘Smart Tours & Events’ to ensure booking of their services, and remaining amount settled at the partner´s check-in; or (3) the full payment is settled directly with the partner company during check-in at their facility or desk.
  3. All tours and activities, prices and dates, are subject to alterations by our partner companies / activity providers, without prior notice and due to circumstances beyond our control.
  4. Confirmed reservations can be rescheduled, up to 48 hours before the start of the tour or experience, for another date within a 3-month period at no extra cost.
  5. In case of a request for rescheduling, less than 48 hours before the start of the tour or experience, an extra administration charge of 5% of the total value of the contracted service shall be charged, if/when the change is approved by the activity provider.
  6. Cancellation requests by the client, up to 72 hours before the start of the tour or experience, shall be fully refunded, less administration costs of 5% with a minimum of 5€.
  7. Cancellation requests by the client, less than 72 hours before the start of the tour or experience, shall not be refunded. Exception may apply in case of the presentation of supporting medical evidence. The client may schedule the tour or experience for another date within a 3-month period, however may be subject to extra correction charges if the the new date is in a higher season fare.
  8. In case of cancellations due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, Smart Tours & Events or its partner company shall indicate an alternative date.
  9. In case of no-show, the full price will be charged without the chance of rescheduling.

Transport of Children, Persons with Reduced Mobility, and Animals

Whenever there is the need to transport children younger than 13 years of age, it is the responsibility of the client/user to inform on such requirement at the time of booking. ‘Smart Tours & Events’ shall provide seat boosters to allow children to travel comfortably and comply with all the safety rules described in law. Regarding the transport of babies younger than 18 months, or with weight <15Kg, ‘Smart Tours & Events’ shall only provide 01 infant mandatory seats (Group 0 or 0+), being the client/user’s responsibility to cater for more if necessary.

Concerning the transport of users in wheelchairs, our vehicles are prepared to only receive light and retractable chairs, being limited to the use of only one (01) passenger in these conditions, being equally important to disclose this information. We do not support or assist with any type of wheelchair with special features, namely automatic or self-propelled wheelchairs, which imply the use of a specific lifting platform.

Regarding the transport of animals, the user is responsible for providing a appropriately sized and duly approved equipment.

Claims & Consumer Disputes

Only complaints made exclusively by Users subscribing our services will be considered. Claims must be addressed in writing to Si5 Solutions, Lda., via the email geral@si5.pt, within 5 calendar days after the date of the occurrence or the execution of the contracted service, whichever comes first.

In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may have recourse to the following alternative dispute resolution entity: CIMMAL – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve | Address: Avª. 5 de Outubro, nº. 55, R/C Dtº. 8000-075 Faro

T.:     (+351) 289 823 135
@.:    info@consumoalgarve.pt
web: www.consumidoronline.pt

For updates and more information, please visit also the consumer portal at consumidor.gov.pt (under Article 18 of Law 144/2015 of 8 September).

Licensing and Insurance

Our company is licensed by Turismo de Portugal under RNAVT Nº10690 and RNAAT Nº 496/2022, and fully insured in compliance with the applicable Laws.

All our partner companies are also required to be licensed by Turismo de Portugal, and maintain all mandatory insurances coverages required for their type of activity.

Contact Details

For any queries or concerns related to our Privacy Policy or practice, please contact us directly at the following email: tours@si5.pt

Revision: 06 – Date: 14th April 2023